Our 3 Main Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour NYC

Salesforce World Tour NYC
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Last week we joined 9,000 Salesforce customers, partners and prospects at the NYC stop of the World Tour. It was our first World Tour event so we wanted to capture our 3 key takeaways as a newcomer and as a Salesforce ISV partner.

1.  Always remember the customer.

The term B2B2C was repeated frequently at this year’s Dreamforce in sessions, on social media and most noteworthy, in Marc Benioff’s keynote. The B2B2C concept was also a large part of World Tour where Parker Harris centered his keynote around this idea that you must always think of the customer. He stressed that we’re “evolving to a B2B2C economy because we all want to know the end consumer.”  We see our 3D configuration technology combined with the Salesforce platform as uniquely positioned to meet this trend and to deliver a sticky sales process for our customers.

2.  We’re all trailblazers.

We were able to meet with various partners and customers who sponsored the event. As we get more involved in the Salesforce ecosystem, we like to ask about their experiences at the show and at other events.  In true trailblazer form, everyone was very willing to share their recommendations and connect us with others in our space. We also were able to connect with Salesforce experts in different focus areas like retail, commerce, and manufacturing to see how they’re improving those experiences for their customers.

3. Create meaningful digital experiences.

We attended the event in order to learn best practices from other customers, partners, and the SF product team. We recently added Pardot to our internal SF platform.  One of the most informative sessions was centered around creating meaningful digital experiences for your customers.  In order to engage them, it’s critical to always check that you’re doing the following:

  • Share about others on social just as much as you share about your own company. You should aim for a 50/50 balance so that you’re talking about what others are doing and what you’re excited about- this shows another side of your company and your culture.
  • Create valuable content that’s not just company/product focused. For example, create content about an event that would be valuable for your customers. A great example of a company who does this well is DocuSign. It was recommended to every marketing and sales professional to check out their Dreamforce session, “3 Effective Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Social Marketing.”
  • Move toward an account-based marketing strategy.  Create a dashboard in Pardot with 3 accounts you would like to watch. Look at your audience and what they’re talking about before you create content for them so that you can make sure it will be helpful for them.

We’ll definitely be at another World Tour stop in 2018. We look forward to potentially connecting with you there!

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