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The Top 3 Reasons Why We're Excited About This Week's Connections

KBMax at Salesforce Connections
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Connections is a brand new Salesforce event that’s happening this week in Chicago. It will include sessions, workshops and thought leadership in digital marketing, commerce, and customer service. The ultimate goal is to learn how to CONNECT with your customer in an entirely new way because their expectations have dramatically changed in this fourth industrial revolution.

Here are the three main topics surrounding this transformation that we’re most excited to hear more about.

1.  Commerce isn’t about the transaction anymore.

Today, brands must rethink the entire commerce experience – what they need to change in order to thrive in the age of the consumer.   Manufacturers specifically have been constrained by the ability to make the best products and get them out the door and into the hands of their customers as fast as possible. In a world where product differentiation is becoming harder and harder, manufacturers must undergo customer-centric transformations in order to deliver an incredible and FAST buying experience.

2.  The rise of B2B and B2B2C eCommerce

B2B eCommerce is critical for every business. B2B eCommerce is set to become nearly 50% of B2B revenue by 2020, and businesses that embrace the changing needs of their customers will succeed. It will be interesting to hear how businesses are starting to transform their eCommerce experiences in order to grow their revenue, enable their sales team and better engage your customers.

3.  How B2B2C models can transform manufacturing

Most manufacturers today go to market through a B2B model – traditional sales reps and channel partners engaging directly with customers to educate and sell products.  This is changing quickly. Two-thirds of all purchases begin online today. The B2B corporate buyer is a B2C consumer at home. Consumers expect it to be simple and easy to self-educate, learn, differentiate and compare products long before they talk to a salesperson.   Manufacturers in particular have been challenged to meet these new customer expectations. They now need to tailor their offerings to meet consumer needs in real-time, similar to a B2C buying experience.

We’re excited to share how we’re helping manufacturers deliver an awesome buying experience that reflects their latest engineering rules and pricing so their customer can quickly configure the product to meet their needs. We also can’t wait to hear why and how leading  manufacturers are implementing these new models.

Let us know if you will also be at the show- our team would love to meet you!

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