3 Tips for Partners & Sponsors to Get the Most Out of a Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce Partner Tips
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Salesforce World Tours are an awesome way to network, learn, and share with the Trailblazer Community. Our team has been fortunate enough to attend World Tours (we’ll be in London this week!) and also sponsored our first one in Boston. We learned how to get the most value out of these events, and wanted to capture our three most valuable tips as a new sponsor and as an ISV partner.

1. Location, location, location

We received an excellent piece of advice when we started researching sponsorship opportunities: the audience for each event location varies, therefore it’s necessary to identify your target audience and look at the industry breakout for each World Tour stop. We identified Boston as a great first sponsorship location since our target audience — manufacturers and retailers — made up the majority of the potential attendees.

2. Planning is critical

A few weeks before the event, we started reaching out to customers, prospects, system integrators, and fellow partners in the area to see if they wanted to attend the event and to come by to see us. This outreach proved to be very valuable and resulted in several planned demos and meetings. We also identified the sessions relevant to us from a Salesforce customer, partner, and industry perspective. We had a team member attend each one and come back with key takeaways to share with our team and social followers. We also planned our demos, handouts, and booth messaging very carefully so that everything told the story about how we fit into the Salesforce Ecosystem very clearly.

3. Lean on others in the Ecosystem

As we get more involved in the Salesforce Ecosystem, we like to ask others about their experiences at this and other events. Everyone was willing to share recommendations and connect us with others in our space. We also connected with Salesforce experts in different focus areas like retail, commerce, and manufacturing to see how they’re improving those experiences for their customers.

Our experience as a first-time sponsor proved to be extremely valuable, and we hope these tips will help both new and seasoned sponsors and partners get the most from a World Tour experience. Coming up for us is the World Tour in London where we’re sponsoring a happy hour with 4C.

This article was originally published on Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem blog.

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