3 Industries Powered Up By CPQ

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What if you could directly reach your potential customers wherever they are, and power up your sales team. Well now you can. Epicor CPQ’s visual configurator provides solutions for various industries with highly complex products, by elevating the selling experience and streamlining production.

We dive into a few industries and how we can help.

High Tech

Sales reps are struggling to cope with a complicated high-tech product catalog and complex assembly rules. With our configurator validation, human error is eliminated, the sales process is shortened, and order values are increased. 

Our dynamic 2D configurator lets you choose from different options on the controller, only allowing you to select from those different features that are allowed. As you filter down and select them, you’ll get instant validation, guiding you to be sure to include any additional features that are needed. As you upgrade products, you can see the scope and scale change. As you adjust to different assemblies, different dynamic photos will be updated in real-time. And again, that validation gets checked against it visually. For example, if we drag a product to the wrong location, it’ll give you that warning, guiding you back to where the product should be located. 

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Epicor CPQ

This quick-reading download walks you through the top 10 reasons that customers choose us for their CPQ. From our 2D/3D visualization and robust rules engine technology to our great people, learn about the qualities that make Epicor CPQ used and loved by over 10,000 customers globally.

Our configurator removes those chances of errors while guiding your salesmen through the selection process. It allows them to compare different feature sets and as they make those changes, dynamic pricing and a full bill of materials populate in real-time, making the selling and manufacturing process seamless. 

Watch a High Tech demo here: 

Modular Home Building

Sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams struggle to quote, design and build structures together with minimal effort and mistakes. For modular building manufacturers, our configurator can become your new digital showroom. 

It allows your sales team to show and explain all the options available in real-time, making it easier for them to order what they need and not guess what they don’t. They start with pre-built, base configurations to control variability, simplify, and accelerate quoting while ensuring customers get the modular building that best meets their needs.

Engineering rules are calculated dynamically with each choice; With dynamic 3D visualization, your customers can see exactly what they’re buying, and manufacturing outputs are generated automatically. 

They use Epicor CPQ to automate their documents throughout the entire sales and manufacturing process.

Watch a Modular Building demo here:

Building Supplies

Within the building industry, every product selection is configurable and customizable. For example, a door manufacturer could leverage Epicor CPQ to do complex configuration and visualization. Our software manages large catalogs of standard and configurable products, all while leveraging engineering logic, creating a guided sales experience for your sales team to quickly put together a quote, and avoid costly errors and mistakes.

Reps can use a visual interface with instant validation when selecting standard or custom sizes that prevent ordering something that can’t be built and guides the rep back to what can be. With visualization, your sales reps can quickly customize and build intelligent quotes and get a quicker response from the prospect. Add accessories and upgrades along with on-the-fly customization, leveraged dynamic pricing, and bill of materials. Dynamically build a proposal by capturing any important information and attaching all the necessary business documents like terms and conditions, spec sheets, and instructions. And if you need a full technical document, we could also automate your CAD system. 

Watch a Building Supply demo here:



To learn how your company can handle complex configuration, visualization, pricing, bill of material creation and more, reach out!