Architectural Lighting Works Is Transforming their Business with KBMax

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    We’re excited to announce that Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) is transforming their business with our 3D configurator and CAD automation software. ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting – from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical. They illuminate interior environments with integrity, imagination and innovation while providing incomparable service and support to their customers and their clients. They will now be able to connect with these customers, partners, and employees in an entirely new way.

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    Inside sales and external reps will use our platform to visually configure architectural lighting fixtures with thousands of options. ALW will also use our seamless integration with Salesforce CPQ to give them a cutting-edge connection between their complex configurations and quote to cash.

    “Combining KBMax with Salesforce CPQ gives us a complete solution for sales and engineering,” said Andreas Dankelmann, VP of Operations at ALW. “We evaluated other options and their powerful configurator was the most robust and easy to use. Also, their CAD automation with SolidWorks is very powerful.”

    Once their reps configure the product according to what their customer wants, they are able to dynamically generate CAD drawings for the configuration. A process that used to take sales and engineering up to 6 weeks can now be accomplished in a couple of minutes.

    “ALW is another great fit for the KBMax Salesforce CPQ integration,” said Kevin Jackson, VP of Sales at KBMax. “Using our configurator will help ALW improve their selling and manufacturing processes.”

    We’re passionate about helping manufacturers transform during this fourth industrial revolution. ALW’s use of our platform is one more example of this transformation occurring in the manufacturing space as new technologies are helping them grow and sell faster.

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren has over 13 years of marketing experience and has learned from industry experts at companies like HP and Salesforce.

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