KBMax Voted a Visual CPQ High Performer in G2 Crowd’s Fall Grids! 

Visual CPQ
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Visual CPQ

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, released their Fall 2019 CPQ Grid Report today highlighting the highest rated CPQ software. We were named a High Performer once again in the overall CPQ category for both mid-market and enterprise customers as well as in their new Visual Configuration category. 

The best CPQ Software products are determined by customer reviews and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact).  After the customer satisfaction and scale are calculated, vendors are placed into four different categories on the Grid®: Leader, High Performer, Niche, or Contender. KBMax was voted a Fall 2019 High Performer due to our high user ratings and our increasing market presence.

Visual CPQ Software


The New Grid Report for Visual CPQ

The new Visual Configuration Grid report shows the changing needs of customers and their desire no matter if they’re B2B or B2C to deliver an awesome buying experience. With visual CPQ your customer can visually configure your product, price it and receive a quote instantly. To see the full list of the top visual CPQ solutions you can go here


Why is KBMax Visual CPQ Consistently Rated a High Performer with G2?

G2, their reviewers, and our users know that KBMax visual CPQ software provides more than just a beautiful and performant visual configurator.  With our advanced rules engine, Snap, the most complex and custom products can be easily configured to maximize manufacturing automation from sales, to engineering, through to production.  

From our visual CPQ configurator, to CAD and BOM automation, KBMax’s end-to-end CPQ solution integrates your people, processes, and systems for more streamlined manufacturing.


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