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    KBMax Snap is our proprietary rules engine that is unlike anything else offered in the CPQ space. It’s unique because it can handle your most complex product configuator and business rules in an easy-to-use interface.

    We had two goals when we developed Snap. The first was to make it easy for non-programmers to use. The only thing your users need to know is product logic, and we do the rest. We empower administrators similar to how Salesforce empowers their trailblazers to quickly learn and master the platform. The second goal was to ensure it wasn’t limiting for advanced coders with complex requirements. Snap is Turing Complete which means that it handles the most advanced algorithms, arrays and functions.

    To build rules in Snap, you simply drag blocks from the toolbox and snap them together to form logic statements. Do you need to set an image? Select and see the image right in the rule. Snap blocks contain dropdowns, color-pickers, buttons, etc. to make implementation quick and easy.

    Snap also uses blocks that are contextual to the purpose of the rule. For instance, a configurator workspace will include blocks specific to the configurator you are modifying, while a workflow workspace includes blocks to specify states the quote can be in, as well as permissions and other workflow-related operations and settings.

    Advanced coders aren’t limited in Snap. Simply drag individual blocks out of a toolbox and connect to other blocks to create complex expressions and operations. You can also use it to run queries on tables and databases. It can handle virtually any complex business logic. That’s a good thing since our customers have complex products that demand complex rules.

    We think Snap is the future of enterprise programming since it democratizes the admin process. There’s no longer a need for a central IT function- individual business units and functional teams can implement a product configurator easily and quickly now.

    Want to see it in action? Request a demo from our team.

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren has over 13 years of marketing experience and has learned from industry experts at companies like HP and Salesforce.