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Tales Told by a KBMax Intern

Experience during a KBMax internship
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Since it’s officially the end of the summer (marked by the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte), I wanted to reflect on my time as a KBMax intern.

Throughout school, you’re constantly told that you need an internship to show potential employers that you have real world experience, but as I learned in my time at KBMax, it’s a lot more important than that one reason. In school you have group projects, you have assignments and other means of teaching you certain skills, but there’s something lost in translation. Sure, I know how to work within a team and report what I have accomplished, but it’s different to do it for a teacher’s deadline versus doing it for a customer’s deadline. I can’t emphasize this enough, especially for any students or future interns that might be reading this: Experience at a company will be the most useful tool you can acquire. Because of this, the team at the company that helps you through this experience matters the most. This team will help teach you and guide you as you learn, so it’s important to choose wisely. 

My experience over the course of this summer has been such a positive and unique experience. I have always felt that I can turn to the others at this company to be able to help and guide me, and the lessons I’ve learned from them have been invaluable. They have taught me examples of effective communication, planning and work ethic that contribute to an efficient and healthy workplace. They have constantly involved me in various projects, giving me every opportunity to learn and succeed. Because of the casual and friendly working environment, I was able to develop connections with most of the people at KBMax as well. I always felt that rather than just being “the intern,” I was a respected member of the team. I was always free to express my ideas, ask questions, and voice my opinions (for better or for worse) that were always treated with respect. It has been such a wonderful experience, and I sincerely hope that now that my time here is done, that it won’t be the last time I interact and work with this fantastic team.

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