Epicor CPQ Software Solutions

Transform sales and manufacturing 

Our cutting-edge CPQ platform drives results from quote to delivery.

Epicor CPQ platform Easily manage every part of your Epicor CPQ solution
Visual configuration Drive engagement with products to increase sales
Pricing Give immediate user feedback to enable your quote-to-cash vision
Quoting Shorten the sales cycle and relieve pressure from engineering
Manufacturing automation Generate CAD drawings, BOMs, and cut sheets for the shop floor
CAD automation Close the loop between your sales, engineering and production teams
Integrations Seamlessly connect critical business systems and processes
Rules engine The Epicor CPQ rules engine supports advanced logic

Experience a seamless transition from sales to production with Epicor CPQ–a dynamic SaaS platform.

Benefit from intuitive administration, rules development, visual configuration, and dynamic pricing–all in one cloud solution.

Provide a visual experience to sell any complex product

Provide smart visual configuration to every audience

Generate quotes quickly and accurately

Give real-time pricing

Make complex buying simple

Embrace the future of visual configuration: augmented reality

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Connect sales, engineering, back-office, and manufacturing

Automate proposal drawings and CAD files

Auto-generate manufacturing documents

Integrate buying with core processes and systems

Gather insights that help all of your teams

Let’s go step by step with Epicor CPQ

Create advanced CPQ rules

  • Use Epicor CPQ Snap to enforce proper product configuration
  • Create rules to automate workflows and end-to-end processes
  • Auto-convert CAD drawings into 2D or 3D configurator models

Revolutionize buyer engagement

  • Provide real-time 2D and 3D visual feedback on product choices
  • Use AR and VR to provide a fully immersive buying experience
  • Integrate your visual configurator seamlessly on your website
  • Tailor configurators for varied users like customers, sales teams, partners, and distributors

Streamline quotes and orders

  • Coordinate product configurations, quotes, and orders in one single source of truth
  • Integrate CPQ with CRM, ERP, and other back-office systems
  • Automate invoicing, order processing, and inventory updates
  • Ensure accurate, real-time quoting and order management

Smooth transition to manufacturing

  • Auto-generate essential documents, from BOMs to assembly guidelines
  • Send only validated configurations to production, minimizing back-and-forth
  • Enforce precision, eliminating room for human errors and misunderstandings

Benefits of Epicor CPQ

Harness the power of our CPQ software to boost profits. Streamline and automate to align with financial goals.

✔ Increase sales efficiancy

Streamline the sales pipeline so salespeople can produce quotes more quickly, allowing them to handle more leads and close deals faster.

✔ Reduce errors

Streamline the sales pipeline so salespeople can produce quotes more quickly, allowing them to handle more leads and close deals faster.

✔ Higher conversion rates

With product visualization, swift quoting, and professional proposal documentation, clients are significantly more likely to convert into paying customers.

✔ Upselling and cross-selling

Our CPQ software uses AI to suggest complementary products or upgrades based on the customer’s configuration, leading to a 105% increase in average deal size.

✔ Improved margins

Dynamic pricing strategies based on fluctuating factors like customer segmentation and competitor pricing allow for more effective price optimization and higher revenue.

✔ Reduce training time

With visual, rules-based CPQ software and guided selling, sales managers can quickly get new sales reps up to speed. Reducing the time needed to master product configurations leads to substantial savings in training costs.

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Customers love our software and our team

We have 96 reviews on G2 and are overall rated 4.5 stars

91% say, “We’re easy to do business with”

We believe in building relationships to achieve customer success. Our CPQ software is easy to understand, and becoming a customer couldn’t be more straightforward.

96% believe our product is “Headed in the right direction”

Our dedication is unwavering. We’re building the most powerful, high-performing, user-friendly cloud-based CPQ software.

86% are “Satisfied with the quality of our support”

Every hero needs a sidekick. Whenever you find yourself in a bind, our friendly and knowledgeable team is on hand to assist.

Achieve peak productivity

Elevate your business operations to new heights of efficiency with Epicor CPQ’s advanced features. Ensure consistency and accuracy through CPQ automation, and empower your teams to deliver unparalleled results.

Standardized processes

Our CPQ software automates and standardizes every step of the CPQ process. This ensures accurate pricing and consistency across all sales reps and channels, leading to predictable outcomes.

Integration with other systems

Seamless integration with other enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, and eCommerce platforms ensures a smooth flow of accurate data without human intervention.

Enhanced decision-making

Epicor CPQ’s data analytics and reporting capabilities provide actionable insights to improve the sales process and drive continuous improvement.

Reduce rework

CPQ software validates configurations right from the start, letting your shop floor staff jump into production with confidence–without the slowdown of constant checks and balances

Improve collaboration

Epicor CPQ encourages sales, production, and engineering teams to share information and collaborate. All stakeholders have access to consistent and accurate data, helping clear bottlenecks and improve efficiency.


“Epicor CPQ is so simple to use… You start at the top, work your way down, add what you want, and download the quote.”

“It’s taken a quoting process that might have a turnaround of two days into something that now takes five, 10 minutes max. So that’s a massive, massive difference.”

“We need to let our customers configure 200 houses at an extremely high level of detail.”

“We are now able to build 2,400 houses and apartments within a year, which are assembled in a day—that’s a huge acceleration. And we do it with approximately 100 people in the factory, compared to the traditional method that requires 1,700 or so people.”

Engage customers with personalized products and experiences

Personalized experiences

Interactive configurations

Speedy response times


Omnichannel experience

Educational touchpoints

Why 2,000,000 users love Epicor CPQ: Top features at a glance

  • Provide smart visual configuration to every audience: Our CPQ software can efficiently handle the most extensive catalogs of products and options.
  • No-code rules engine: The Epicor CPQ Snap rules engine requires no coding knowledge.
  • Stand-alone solution: Epicor CPQ can work independently without reliance on other systems.
  • Universal integration: We’re platform-agnostic, ensuring smooth integration with the software you use daily.
  • Real-time dynamic pricing: Instant pricing updates extract the maximum margin from every sale.
  • AR & VR selling: Our CPQ tool has augmented and virtual reality capabilities for a future-proof selling experience.
  • Embedded visual configurators: Configurators can be placed directly on your website for eCommerce and self-service.
  • Device flexibility: Our CPQ software works on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Cloud-based accessibility: Available anytime, anywhere, ensuring your operations never stop.
  • Deep industry expertise: We work with companies in diverse industries ranging from biotech to building supplies.
105% increase in deal size
40% increase in conversion rate
26% increase in reps achieving quota
$2.9 million in reduced errors

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