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Epicor CPQ solutions allow you to sell and manufacture better 

Epicor provides powerful CPQ software solutions that simplifies quoting and manufacturing for complex products

Connect with your customers in a completely new way

Epicor powers CPQ for over 2,000,000 unique users per year, increasing margins and saving companies valuable time

105% increase in deal size

40% increase in conversion rate

26% increase in reps achieving quota

Overcoming Sales Challenges

CPQ Software

Complex Customization Simplified

Accelerated Sales Process

Precision and Trust in Quoting

Strategic Benefits of Implementing CPQ Solutions

Choosing CPQ is a strategic move that digitally transforms your entire business.

✔ Fulfilling the Demand for Custom Products

CPQ software simplifies the configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex, custom products, catering to the modern buyer’s appetite for tailored solutions.

✔ Automation to Save Time and Accelerate Processes

CPQ software product configurators automate sales channels, linking production to your website, distributors, and retailers. Tasks that once took weeks, like configuring products, liaising with engineering, and creating BOMs, can now be performed in seconds.

✔ Supporting Omnichannel Sales

CPQ solutions support omnichannel strategies by integrating with direct sales, distributors, and online platforms. Epicor CPQ ensures that omnichannel sales experiences are easy to build and tailor to different audiences​​.

✔ Boosting Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

The interactive nature of CPQ tools enhances customer engagement during the sales process. With real-time 2D and 3D visual feedback, customers can see their product choices come to life through a product configurator. Epicor CPQ also uses AR and VR to provide immersive customer experiences.

Enhancing Collaboration and Accuracy With CPQ Solutions

Integrating a smart CPQ system into your business links your front-office processes like configuration, pricing, and quoting with back-office functions like finance, production, and strategic decision-making.

This enables a sales rep of any experience level to deliver proper product configuration and expert advice with the latest product details at their fingertips.

Guided selling enabled by CPQ platforms also equips sales reps with the latest discounts, add-ons, and product options. Real-time validation ensures every configuration is feasible and production-ready.

The result is a smooth decision-making pipeline that bridges three common silos: sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

Real-Time Data Sharing

Our CPQ tool facilitates immediate data exchange between sales, engineering, and the shop floor, ensuring that product configurations are feasible and aligned with manufacturing capabilities​​.

Informed Decision-Making

CPQ software offers access to real-time inventory, pricing, and production schedules. Sales teams can deliver on their promises, reducing the risks of overcommitting and under-delivering.


Epicor CPQ provides customizable product configuration tools for teams across different channels and regions. These tools can be tailored to each team’s specific needs with customizable product and pricing rules.

Integration and Workflow

Enhancing your software workflow with CPQ implementation translates to quicker responses to market and customer needs. It makes your business more agile and flexible with a quoting process that works specifically for your business.

CPQ solutions ensure that your CRM, ERP, CAD, and eCommerce platforms are interconnected and consistently updated in real-time. It acts as a bridge between sales, production, and administrative systems.

✔ Comprehensive Connectivity

CPQ connects to and between pre-existing business technologies, like ERP, CRM, and manufacturing systems.

✔ Efficient Data Management

Automated data synchronization across platforms reduces manual oversight and increases data accuracy.

✔ Sales Intelligence

Data collected through CPQ analytics can be converted into sales insights, enabling businesses to design impactful marketing strategies and close more deals.
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Scaling With Your Business

Growth and scalability are at the heart of any robust CPQ application. As your business expands, whether in terms of customer base, product range, or geographic reach, CPQ software solutions scale accordingly.

Epicor’s cloud CPQ software solution is designed to handle increased complexity and larger volumes of data without sacrificing performance. This means less stress on your sales team.

With a CPQ solution, you can pursue growth opportunities in the knowledge that your sales and production processes will keep pace.

✔ Adaptability to Business Growth

Epicor CPQ is a cloud-based solution built to accommodate the expanding scope of products, services, and market reach.

✔ Managing Increased Complexity

As your product offerings and customization options grow, CPQ software helps you smartly manage increased complexity.

✔Support for Expanded Sales Channels

CPQ enables you to explore and integrate new sales channels, supporting your business as it enters new markets or sectors.

Browse Epicor CPQ solutions

By industry
Easily sell and manufacture your complex products
Win more deals, and more quickly to support the front lines
Building Supplies
Visually and accurately sell you complex materials
Modular Building
Sell more structures and build them faster
Heavy Equipment
Boost your complex equipment sales for all your channels
Biotech Single-Use-Systems
Win more deals, and more quickly to better supply the front lines with single-use systems
High Tech
Sell and manufacture your complex high tech products
Provide a visual buying experience that boosts retail conversion rates by as much as 40%
By use case
2D/3D visual configuration
Create a better buying experience by showing your customers exactly what they are buying
Complex product configuration
Dynamically configure and price the most complex products
B2B eCommerce
Enable visitors to interact with 3D representations of your products in real-time
CAD and Design Automation
Automatically generate the CAD drawings for sales, engineering, and production teams
Engineer to order
Speed the design and manufacturing of highly variable goods
Manufacturing automation
Simplify and streamline engineering and manufacturing processes
B2B2C selling
Tap into economies of scale through new and diversified sales channels
Integrated CPQ
Connect your people with critical business data, systems and processes
Omnichannel sales
Open up new and immersive buying channels for your customers with omnichannel sales
By platform

“We evaluated many different solutions and Epicor CPQ was the only one that could handle our complex requirements.”

Johns Manville

“We thoroughly evaluated multiple vendors in the CPQ space and chose Epicor CPQ. Its robust configurator, best-in-class visualization, and enterprise flexibility were major factors in our selection.”


“Epicor CPQ offers a powerful CPQ platform that you can leverage to transform your customer experience.”

Outdoor Cap Company

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