Deliver B2B ecommerce experience like no other 

You can provide a visual buying experience for your configurable products that boosts conversion rates by as much as 40%.

Don’t make buying hard work, guide customers visually

Your products aren’t like selling t-shirts; choose a size and color. No…your products are complex and require a lot of feedback from buyers to make sure every requirement is met and every option is shared, to ensure that it is a right-fit solution.

“Companies that implement 3D product visualization solutions see significant improvement in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, less rework in the factory and lower carrying costs for samples at retail locations.”


Provide a visual experience that guides visitors through their buying journey

A visually rich and controlled buying experience

Easily sell the most complex products

“Beyond the visualization capabilities, Epicor CPQ has excellent integrations with Salesforce, AutoCAD and Solidworks for lots of different output workflows.”

NanaWall Systems

Integrate with your eCommerce platform and the rest of your business

B2B eCommerce selling

Transcend tranditional shopping carts and product bundles

Make a big business impact beyond the cart

“The key parts that Epicor CPQ has helped us solve was taking what the customer configured in their shopping cart directly to the shop floor to be built. For us, that automation was key to improving the customer experience.”


How it could work

When selling complex products, your business process doesn’t end at checkout. Let’s cover a potential end-to-end scenario for a company wanting to orchestrate a more complete and automated customer experience for their complex product sale.

Step 1

Find the right product

Use searching, filtering, and sorting to get to just the right product from your dynamic product catalog, and start customizing from this base configuration.

Step 2

Visually configure

Move objects around, explode models, and add and manipulate assets in 2D or 3D. Easily solve any detected conflicts or errors since the user follows a guided, rules-driven shopping experience.

Step 3

Price in real-time

Watch pricing update immediately as changes are made during configuration. Support simple to complex pricing scenarios with local pricing tables, external data sources (ERP, databases, etc.), and complex logic capabilities.

Step 4

Send to your shopping cart and other business systems

We can integrate with your preferred eCommerce platform, ERP, CRM, or other business systems to send detailed customer and order information through to aid in payment processing, inventory control, workflows, customer communications, and more.

Step 5

Kick off manufacturing

Automatically generate CAD drawings and files, technical documents, BOMs, cut sheets, assembly instructions, and more – all from selections made during configuration.

Benefits of B2B eCommerce

It’s about simplifying the buying journey!

Generate more deals, close bigger ones, and do it all faster and easier than you do today.

Boost sales, reduce effort

Selling can scale effortlessly online, raising margins and profits, while reducing effort for your sales team.

Reach a global market

Massively increase your marketspace by moving online, reaching prospects globally through search.

Close the sale in one go

Eliminate the back-and-forth of sales to customer conversations by allowing customer to buy for themselves with no roadblocks.

See for yourself how you can improve the buying process, with Epicor CPQ’s B2B ecommerce solution