CPQ Manufacturing software

Simplify manufacturing 

Epicor CPQ helps to simplify and streamline your sales and production processes with our manufacturing CPQ software

You might think that selling complex products has to be, complex…

Do you fabricate tangible goods but struggle to connect pricing and manufacturing rules to sell your products easily to customers?

75% of contract processes are not automated, with reps manually quoting from spreadsheets, and waiting for enginering drawings

70% of sales rep time is spent on administrative tasks, getting a deal proposed, sold, and sent for manufacturing

61% of employees typically access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs

Epicor CPQ digitally transforms companies’ sales and manufacturing processes

The new era of digital transformation in manufacturing is here. The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is accelerating growth in the manufacturing industry, marked by intelligence and connectivity. Companies are transforming themselves by bringing in these new technologies to connect with their customers in new ways.

Epicor CPQ enables smart, automated, and visual selling

Manufacturing cpq software
Manufacturing cpq software
Manufacturing cpq software

Simplify and shorten your sales cycle

Deliver a direct buying experience

“After initial integration work, the ability to leverage their Snap language to have more of a general business admin vs. a developer administer and build business rules for the tool saves time and money.”

Outdoor Cap Company

Reduce pressure on engineering and the shop floor

CPQ software for manufacturing
CPQ software for manufacturing
CPQ software for manufacturing

Increase confidence in production

Let Sales sell, and give Engineering a break

“Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With Epicor CPQ, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately.”

Merck Millipore

Learn how CPQ software can transform your manufacturing business