CPQ for retail sales

better way to sell your products 

Personalize both the product and the sales experience, and convert prospects into paying customers with Epicor CPQ

Make buying complex, customizable products simple

Provide a frictionless path to purchase, free from back-and-forth and time-consuming sales interactions

Simplify the sales process

Serve customers with convenience and flexibility. Display every available option in 2D or 3D. Add VR and AR to provide further clarity. Become easier to do business with than your competitors.

Streamline operations

Guided selling helps sales reps and end-customers put together perfect products and bundles every time. Handoffs are super-smooth – only viable products make their way downstream to engineering and the shop floor.

The solution for retail sales

Deliver the eCommerce experience your customers expect, regardless of product complexity

Customers are choosing omni-channel, and expectations are sky-high. Whenever and wherever your customers reach out – be there – with a consistent, integrated experience on any device.

Drive sales and transparency with a visual selling approach

CPQ for retail sales
CPQ for retail sales
CPQ for retail sales

Show, don’t tell

Manufacture with certainty

“We are doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way our customers visualize, configure, and buy our customized products. We now have a next generation tool our B2B customers can easily use to generate stunning custom designs much faster than we could have built for them.”

Outdoor Cap Company

New channels and customers for a new era in retail

product configurator software
product configurator software
product configurator software

Centralize knowledge

Capitalize on new opportunities

“We are making it easier for our customers to accurately configure several of our most customized products in a virtual and self-service way.”

NanaWall Systems

Achieve operational excellence

Sell Complex Products Online
Sell Complex Products Online
Sell Complex Products Online

Enable sales at scale

Clear bottlenecks

“The key parts that Epicor CPQ has helped us solve was taking what the customer configured in their shopping cart directly to the shop floor to be built. For us, that automation was key to improving the customer experience.”


Benefits of virtualizing complex retail sales

Why retailers of complex products use KBMax

Lower return rate

Convey product information clearly – no nasty surprises

Higher conversion rate

3D product configuration boosts conversion rates by 40%


Provide bespoke products and experiences for each customer


Delight customers in-person, on desktop, mobile, and more

Seamless integration

Integrate KBMax with your eCommerce, ERP, CRM, and other back-office systems

Faster sales

Automate sales and design to cut your sales cycle down to minutes

Lean how to boost conversions with Epicor CPQ