CAD-automatisering voor fabrikanten

Accelerate Engineering met krachtig CAD automatisering 

Streamline your processes and connect your customers, sales, and engineering teams to the shop floor.
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Translate your product vision into production-ready drawings

Epicor CPQ integrates with your chosen CAD platform to auto-generate drawings and files

Eliminate lengthy sales and design cycles with CAD automation technology. Epicor CPQ accurately generates drawings for sales, engineering, and shop floor teams while ensuring adherence to your manufacturing rules.

Remove bottlenecks


Unleash sales productivity

Fuel engineering innovation

“Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With Epicor CPQ, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately.”

Merck Millipore

Eliminate uncertainty

Bouw met vertrouwen

Order-to-build execution

“Epicor CPQ gave our customers and engineers the ability to design a water quality unit to fit their needs without waiting for a response from our sales people or waiting on a design from our CAD department.”

Lane Enterprises

End-to-end efficiency

CAD-automatisering voor productie
CAD-automatisering voor productie
CAD-automatisering voor productie

Automate handoffs

Centralized product data

“Beyond the visualization capabilities, Epicor CPQ has excellent integrations with Salesforce, AutoCAD and Solidworks for lots of different output workflows.”


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