5 Tips for Industrial Technology Implementation

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Industrial technology is evolving at an overwhelming rate; it can be difficult to implement, adopt, and maintain new platforms and tools for doing business fast enough.  Often, you might find that post-implementation your systems are already obsolete or out-dated. So how can you ensure your industrial technology implementation project goes smoothly?

Kris Goldhair, co-founder of KBMax, answers just that in a recent Q&A session on Industrial Equipment News.

Here are five insights that he shares in the interview:
  1. Don’t over plan the initial roll-out of software. He advises that its best that this be an iterative process, where you are constantly optimizing your software usage, and processes overtime. Get the foundations built, but don’t overthink it.
  2. End spreadsheet usage. By implementing software that make processes more streamlined, you can limit the amount of manual labor involved with operating your business. Manual efforts lead to human error, and costly mistakes so cut the spreadsheets out of your plans.
  3. “Chip away” at the evolution of your organization. Digital transformation can’t happen overnight, so leaders will need to take a step at a time towards implementing technologies and transforming their processes.
  4. Get buy-in from all. Kris advises that “It’s critical to make sure everyone is onboard with the goals and plan for implementation prior to kicking off a digital transformation project.” Keeping all teams aligned is crucial.
  5. Embrace change. There is a fear in manufacturing that streamlining of processes may impact job security, or career trajectories. Infact, implementing technology can only help those things by allowing for more business growth and increase in ability to execute.

Applying industrial technology creates an opportunity for manufacturing and sales success. Implementation projects can be made simpler by remembering the tips above and aligning yourself with the right software vendors.

Read the full Q&A Session on Industrial Equipment News 

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