Can CPQ Technology Boost the B2B Customer Experience?

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B2B sellers claim that customer experience (CX) is at the center of their business priorities, but many lack essential elements needed to provide a satisfactory customer experience. These companies need to implement the right solutions to truly put customer experience at the forefront of their business strategy.

KBMax’s Strategic Account Director, Kris Goldhair, shared exclusive insights on improving the B2B customer experience (B2B CX) with MarTech Advisor.

While price and product play important roles in staying one step ahead of the competition, they’re not the only two differentiators B2B leaders should stay focused on. Buyers now expect B2B eCommerce to provide a consumer-grade customer experience.

What is one of Goldhair’s top B2B CX observations?

“Gen Z is a business opportunity you can’t afford to miss. As 40% of the population commanding upwards of $40 billion in spending power, modern marketers need to build compelling strategies to engage with Gen Z.”

B2B leaders are failing to take full advantage of the benefits that a top-of-the-line customer experience can bring to their companies. This is one of the top reasons that only 23% of companies achieve strong returns on their B2B CX investments.

B2B companies need to make massive investments in implementing cultural and operational changes. With CPQ software like KBMax, they can do both. They can use the next-gen sales enablement tool to increase operational processes while also rolling out a significant change management initiative. In this way, B2B leaders can manage to streamline both arms of their business at the same time.

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