How Consumer Goods Companies Are Meeting Customization Demands

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86% of consumers are looking for products that are tailored to their unique preferences, and they expect all brands to be able to make it happen. But most brands are not equipped to handle the customer expectations that have evolved in the age of customization. By using the right technology, brands can rise to the challenge.

KBMax’s Strategic Account Director, Kris Goldhair, shares more about the possibilities and capabilities of a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) system in an article on MarTech Series. Using CPQ and visualization tools to meet consumer needs has never been easier.

“Consumers set out with specific ideas in mind for the products they want to buy — whether those products are customized or not. But despite wanting products that closely match their internal vision, they want to find them (or customize them) with as little friction as possible. While many consumer goods providers are still figuring out what this means for their businesses, some leaders are already fulfilling this customer expectation.”

– Kris Goldhair, KBMax

CPQ System Project Planning

To achieve the smoothest route to implementation, consider these key steps:

  • Secure leadership buy-in
  • Be picky about your partners
  • Create your tools with all teams in mind
  • Customer expectations grow more sophisticated by the day, and meeting their tech-driven needs doesn’t happen overnight

To read more about how implementing a B2B commerce with a CPQ system can integrate with existing frameworks to improve business operations, read Kris Goldhair’s article on MarTech Series.

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