Digital Transformation Tips: Bringing Mass Customization to Manufacturing

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Digital transformation aims to improve the purchasing experience for consumers, both B2B and B2C. Improvements to the customer journey are at the core of digital transformation and manufacturers must find ways to take on mass customization needs.

What is Mass Customization?

Mass customization means offering custom products without raising the cost per unit, or expense to create those products. It’s a challenging trend for manufacturers to adapt to and CPQ plays a crucial role in doing so.

Companies that get mass customization right will benefit from their investment. In fact, a report from Deloitte states that one in four consumers will pay more for a customized product—that’s not a statistic to ignore or take lightly.

CPQ’s Impact on Mass Customization

Offering a CPQ solution for your enterprise partners and channels creates a user-friendly platform for purchasing. It helps them to directly sell your products on their websites, and facilitates mass customization. CPQ allows customers to build the product in the way they need it; by size, color, material, and more. Once built customers receive automated quotes, creating a seamless process between sales and manufacturing.

Tips for Getting Started with Mass Customization:

  • Start Small. Offer customization for one product line before jumping head first into customization for all of your product lines. This allows for all teams to iron our processes and align on how to scale and offer customization for all products.
  • Select great partners. Ensure that you select a partner with strong technical skills, and excellence in process management and communication.  All partners selected should work seamlessly together.

Selecting third-party groups to help you implement CPQ and get started with digital transformation at your organization are the ideal solution.  Outside views can help you iron out what is working, what isn’t, and align on your organizational goals and reasons for beginning your digital transformation project.

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