How B2B Teams Can Boost the Customer Experience

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Envision a Better B2B Customer Experience

B2B companies have focused on more traditional sales efforts as customer expectations evolve, and so must customer experience strategies. Kris Goldhair shares his thoughts in two contributed articles on improving CX with B2B eCommerce sales.

B2B customer experience teams can ramp up their efforts by tuning into customer expectations and evolving their strategies to mirror the B2C experiences that consumers experience every day. Goldhair advises that B2B companies consider these three tips when ramping up their B2B customer experience:

  • Instill a customer-centric culture, despite engrained traditional practices
  • Eliminate the possibility of data silos by arming all teams with tech

Digitizing the customer experience leads to more positive and efficient sales interactions.

B2B teams can address customer experience concerns by implementing a digital B2B customer experience tool like Salesforce CRM. Integrating digital tools into your sales strategy allows for personalization that allows customers to select the brand that best meets their needs.

“While digital tools represent a big step forward, technology is just a bandage for companies with a larger customer experience problem. B2B leaders striving for true long-term change also must promote a cultural and operational sea change to realign the business as a customer-centric organization. The answers to several key questions will help guide B2B executives on that journey.”

To hear more from Kris Goldhair and to learn more about how B2B organizations can unify on strategy and goals, resulting in positive customer experience results, read the full articles on MarTech Advisor and CRMBuyer

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