Improving CX with CPQ Solutions

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Proactive customer experience (CX) practices can lead to fewer support tickets, and less friction for your customers.  Companies with a proactive CX approach are seeing increased brand loyalty and retention amongst their customer base.  But, how can you be more proactive with your customer experience practices as opposed to reactive?

In a recent interview with Digital Journal, Kris Goldhair of KBMax describes the impact new technologies are making on the customer experience. He notes that to get ahead of customer challenges companies should consider implementing a CPQ solution with product visualization capabilities.  These solutions allow sales and manufacturing to align on product customization and improve the overall customization-to-quote experience for the customer.

Goldhair states “Businesses lose out to their more customer-focused competitors time and time again, and customers continue to expect more from their customer journey” also noting that customers “want to shop around more easily, find the best deal, and purchase from the company that makes the buying process simple.

When asked what can help make the buying process simpler, and solve customer problems sooner, Goldhair offers the following advice:

  • Make your buying experience as interactive as possible, allowing customers to see their customizations and interact with products online.
  • Be transparent about your production information, pricing data, and customization capabilities. Make information available and allow customers to automatically quote their preferences.
  • Decrease the time to value and time between request for quotes and delivering information. Instead, offer self-service options for customers to price products and solve their own problems.

Ultimately, Goldhair concludes that “customers are expecting more from their customer journey, hoping for as few barriers along the way as possible.” As a business, you must respond to this by making self-service buying options a part of your sales processes.

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