Is the Payment Experience Lagging for Customized Products?

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Customized products are on the rise in the B2B and B2C spaces. But how can companies offering custom or complex products ensure they are building an optimal payment experience?

More than a quarter of today’s consumers are choosing to purchase customized products and with those custom products come increased expectations for a streamlined buying and payment experience. KBMax Strategic Account Director, Kris Goldhair, shares more about how CPG brands can offer a great end-to-end customer experience by integrating CPQ to improve their payment methods.

Goldhair shares, “Any tool that lets buyers build their ideal products and purchase them immediately can provide a wealth of data that helps internal teams do their jobs better. Product marketing gains insight into the most popular product features, while the pricing department can view cart abandonment statistics to understand how end users feel about the price of custom products. Additionally, new insights allow developers to identify site bugs by monitoring the tool and taking note if shoppers routinely drop off at a specific point in the purchase process.”

Not only does CPQ help solve customer-facing challenges, but company-wide teammates can directly benefit from the connected capabilities of CPQ.

Goldhair offers more insights about the benefits of using CPQ to integrate product configurators with the end-user payment experience in his full article on PaymentSource.

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