Supporting the Customer Journey with CPQ

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Are you being proactive about your customer experiences?  It’s a question many companies are asking themselves as meeting, and exceeding, customers expectations becomes a central focus for growth and scalability.

In a recent Q&A session on Digital Journal Kris Goldhair of KBMax expresses:

“It goes without saying: without a customer, there is no business. More and more, businesses are trying to build their businesses around the customer journey. A company can have the best product in the world, but if they aren’t catering to the needs of their customers throughout the buying process, their products simply won’t sell.”

Proactivity in customer experience can be achieved at the intersection of streamlined processes and implementation of leading-edge technology. Of that technology, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools and product visualizations are at the epicenter of customer experience enhancement.  CPQ aligns your sales operations and your manufacturing processes. Aligning your sales and manufacturing teams can reduce mistakes, improve efficiency, and lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Goldhair shares stories of customers who want their shopping experiences to be easier, and are willing to go with the option that makes things simpler.

The solution? Interactivity and transparency. Goldhair states that “No one wants to wait on hold or be passed around through support representatives.” Instead, customers are looking for a self-service experience where they can:

  • Interact with products and customize them to their liking
  • See visualizations and representations in real-time
  • Get instant quotes and pricing information based upon their customization

It’s all about reducing friction in the buying process and cutting the time-to-value as much as you can by utilizing digital tools. Goldhair goes on to discuss the various innovations that B2B businesses have at their fingertips to improve the customer experience. More and more B2B customers are demanding transparency. What is your organization doing to provide a B2B2C solution to them?

Read the full interview with Kris Goldhair on Digital Journal

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