How 3D Visualization + CPQ Are Driving Sales

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With the ability to custom order nearly every product on the market, technology innovations like 3D visualization and CPQ are driving sales for B2B companies. These tools are giving customers peace of mind that their custom configured product will look just as they imagined when it shows up on their doorstep.

Kris Goldhair recently sat down with MarTech Zone to discuss the benefits of 3D visualization and CPQ.

Implementing 3D visualization into a CPQ system allows B2B and B2C companies to link their front-end configurator with the engineering and manufacturing processes. Linking all systems leads to a significantly reduced sales and manufacturing process, which converts more leads to sales.

Customize an excavator in 3D

Use an actual KBMax 3D product configurator to change options, colors, and view and step inside the machine

Goldhair discussed the importance of rendering to fill the gap between the user experience and the buyer’s likelihood to complete the transaction. By implementing 3D visualization enhanced product configuration, buyers are given peace of mind to follow through with ordering complex custom products.

To read more about Epicor CPQ’s offerings and 3D product visualization software, read Kris Goldhair’s full interview with MarTech Zone.

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